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Saving the planet 3 batteries at a time

Sometimes little wins give you disproportionate satisfaction.

I bought a battery-powered LED light from a local hardware store. It cost 10 bucks and is surprisingly decent quality, using 3 x AAAs. Pushing the front bezel turns it on, pushing it again turns it off. I bought it for the enclave under the stairs where the wine lives. Problem is, I was confident that at some stage we’d would forget to turn it off again and come back to a non-functional light. That happened ahead of schedule, the first batteries lasted about a week. Righto then, we’ll fix that.

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The Mongrel

What has USB, a Delta-Sigma oversampling DAC, integrated circuits, an old school tube, and MOSFET output drive?

I call it a Mongrel, because it’s got a bit of everything in it.

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